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and Commercial Real Estate Loans

We provide short-term and long-term loans for residential and commercial real estate projects. Our knowledge and expertise make sure every real estate transaction is a profitable one.


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Private Money Financier

Unlimited Funding is one of the premiere private money finance companies in the United States, offering real estate financing for all kind of investment properties, including residential, commercial, and multi-family. Our unique approach allows us to close quickly and securely on real estate investments, even when conventional lenders turn you away. 

We secure funding for:

  • Bridge/Rehab loans for residential and commercial properties up to $1 billion

  • Short and long term rental loans for single family and multi-family properties up to $25 million

  • New construction projects up to $100 million


Financing Available



5 - 20 Units, 21+ Units ...




Commercial Real Estate

Retail, Warehouse,



Commercial Real Estate

New & Renovation

Office, Mixed Use, Land


Rehab Loans

Short term financing for 1-30 unit residential properties


Long Term Rental Loans

1-4 Unit Single Family Homes

Why Us?

Our exceptional reputation as a Private Money Financier has been built on our capability to provide financing solutions for borrowers needing a real estate loan.  Contact Unlimited Funding for all your investment lending needs.


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Unlimited Funding also offers loan products designed exclusively for landlords. With rates as low as 7% and LTVs up to 75%, these loans are perfect for long term rentals.  Check out our various loan products and associated rates/guidelines below


Unlimited Funding provides fix and flip loans mainly based on the after repair value (ARV) of the property as collateral and typically you can get a loan up to 70% of the property value. If you are purchasing an investment property that needs rehab, this is the perfect loan for you.


Unlimited Funding can finance the purchase and refinance of office, retail, self-storage, mixed-use, and industrial properties.  Our program is designed for investors seeking a simple financing solution with low documentation and without all the red tape and strict underwriting guidelines.