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  • Who is Braswell Capital Solutions?
    We are a private money brokerage specializing in alternative financing programs to help our clients obtain investor-friendly real estate loans. We partner with the best hard money and commercial lenders in the country to secure the best possible rates for your real estate investment projects, take your loan from application to closing, and help you craft your unique strategy while providing you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals
  • What kind of rates can I get?
    Interest rates depend on experience, LTV, location, risk, and property type. Rates range from 7% to 14%.
  • How much of my project will you fund?
    For Fix & Flip properties, we can fund up to 90% of purchase price and up to 100% of rehab cost. Commercial loans up to 75% LTV with fixed and variable rates and 30 year terms. Conventional residential loans require 3 - 5% down payment with 30 year terms. LTC and LTV vary by property type.
  • What types of properties do you fund?
    We cover fix & flips, rentals, new construction, and commercial properties up to $10 million.
  • How quickly can you close?
    It depends on the type of loan. Closing timeframe is shorter on fix and flip financing and longer on commercial loans.
  • Which states do you lend in?
    We primarily lend in the Southeast but can and do lend in other states.
  • Are there any upfront fees?
    The only fees due at submission are an application fee to cover third party costs associated with the loan.
  • Does my credit score matter?
    The credit score does matter depending on loan product.
  • Can I occupy the residence until I refinance or re-sell it?
    No. We only lend for non-owner occupied properties. If we were to find out that you were occupying the investment property, it could cause the note to be called due and payable immediately. However, you may have a renter in the property.
  • Can I close under my LLC, corp. or trust?"
    You are required to close in the name of business entity for fix and flip loans and some commercial loans depending on lender. It is encouraged to use a borrowing entity so you're legally protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a very basic frequently asked questions from people

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